Frewuently Asked Questions

Sexy Female Piano Player in NYC

I have been playing the piano (on and off) since I was four years old. By the age of 17, I had been offered a full scholarship in piano performance from Oberlin University, which I respectfully declined. I attended the university at home and studied piano performance for two years. I achieved my Bachelor’s degree in a different area of study.

Although I have learned how to play other instruments such as the ukulele, violin, guitar, and flute, I do not play other instruments. I am unable to sing exceptionally. However, if you are interested in hiring someone that sings, I do have friends that would like to sing at your event. Please email for details.

I do not always play nude or in risqué outfits. I do cater to professional events.

I love the classical romantic era composers such as Debussy, Liszt, Schubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmininov, and Dvořák. I also enjoy playing pop culture songs such as Bohemian Rhaspody, Dancing Queen, Where is My Mind, etc.

I am open to any requests you would have. However, due to my very busy schedule, I can’t guarantee that I can play anything within a time frame.

Absolutely! I highly suggest that you share with me what you imagine me to wear (or not to wear).

I do offer other sexually suggestive performances. Please email for details.

I have written my own music before. However, I have never performed my own music professionally.

One of my favorite movies is Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick. I have always wondered to myself if people really hire pianists to their private sex parties and if the world wanted a sexually seductive pianist. I was so curious I had to find out!

I do offer more services that are more X-rated. Please see THE RABBITHOLE page or email me your inquires.

Fun Facts

*I enjoy learning how to play classical pieces such as Clair De Lune backwards or Moonlight Sonata backwards.

*I enjoy combining two classical pieces into one.

* I also love to play piano pieces from my favorite anime shows or movies such as Sailor Moon, Studio ghibli films, Yann Tiersen, etc.

* My goal is to use my talents to help me donate and bring awareness to charitable organizations such as Callen-Lorde, Survivors Against Sesta, Planned Parenthood, and Musicians Without Borders.

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Sexy Female Piano Player in NYC